proposal; initial ideas

“It was about seeing reflections of yourself; knowledge isn’t given to you, you’ve got to spend time creating threads for yourself.”

 Wales Bonner, 2019

The collection of furniture I am going to design will be tied together by design principals such as colour, material, proportion, and design process.


I will take a research-based approach to the making of these objects, as a means of self-reflection.


I identify with designers that approach their work with a creative liberty, self-awareness, and collaborative approach such as Wales Bonner, Green River Project, Bode, Collina Strada.


I am interested in art and history, and creating a collection of furniture that represents my own individual creative process through object making/collecting.


Design to me is being intuitive in the making stages and drawing on your visual vocabulary to create objects that are expressive of your ideas.


I am going to continue to collect images examining textures, techniques, color stories, motifs, and histories that I will define the objects I choose to make and the “feeling” I want to communicate.


Simultaneously, I am going to be completing materials explorations as sources of inspiration and skill development. I am explore concrete moulds (sand and canvas), different basketry and weaving techniques (coiling and plating) and different finishing techniques (stucco, washes, patinas, and lacquer) because I am interested in the surface depths.


I also hope to do some foraging some local and natural materials such as cattails leaves and cedar bark that can be used for weaving an plating.


I will continue to explore different places for inspiration such as archival images/publications, the dump, thrift stores, flea markets, and places of worship (churches, temples), and outside in the world.

Some objects/materials I am interested in exploring more; chair, the concept of the disco ball, concrete legs for a frosted glass top table, stain glass/ (coloured glass globe), punched/perforated metal.

One of the most important things for this project is documentation of process in an aesthetic way.